Round smoking figure
»Cool Man with tree«

Product.Nr.: 01/035

Manufacturer: Seiffener Volkskunst e.G.

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product description

This cheerful snowman from the COOL MAN series of the Seiffener Volkskunst e.G. company is just 11 cm tall, but has such a happy and untroubled face that one has to smile immediately when looking at this little fellow. The snowman has a pair of funny-looking, big black eyes and a large red mouth, that paints a broad smile across his face. There is a tiny cigarette placed in a smoking hole between his lips. His unique facial expression is also underlined by his big red nose and thin black eyebrows. All parts of the figure are wooden-turned and held in bright natural tones. Two large balls of different size shape his head and main body, whereas four half balls make his arms and legs. His big belly is decorated with three common black dots of various size. On his head, he wears a fine top hat which is decorated with an elegant red satin ribbon wrapped around the brim. In addition, the snowman is balancing a little green tree on one of his arms. The figure rests on a small platform, from which the whole body can be separated. On the platform itself, there is a little metal setting where the incense cone is put. Once the cone is lit, the smoke rises up through the figure and leaves through the snowman's mouth. It is truly the perfect illusion of a smoking snowman! This wonderful smoker can be either decorative as single or as a collectible figure next to other COOL MEN and will guarantee everyone a merry Wintertime.