Round smoking figure

Product.Nr.: 01/046

Manufacturer: Seiffener Volkskunst e.G.

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product description

This cute fisherman from the round smoking figure series of the Seiffen e.G. company is just 10cm tall, but is richly decorated and shows the typical facial expression of a fisherman. Seriously focussing on his catch, he holds a fishing rod in his right hand while his left hand is busy releasing the fish from the hook. According to his open mouth and visible lower teeth, he is truly excited and might be a bit exhausted from pulling the fish on land. His face is funny-looking showing a white-greyish, curly moustache and a pair of fashionable black sunglasses, in which the reflection of the blue water can be seen. A pair of remarkable grey eyebrows supports his strained look. Nevertheless, he is also kind of cosy having a small pipe in his mouth, a big straw hat on his head and bushy white hair .The figure wears a typical green-coloured chest wader with suspenders and a decorative yellow button in the front middle. He also wears a brown-coloured T-shirt, that contrasts his waders. All parts of the figure’s body are wooden-turned and made from natural material with grain. The fisherman’s head and body are made from two different-sized balls, whereas each arm is a quarter ball and each leg a half ball. The figure rests on a small platform, from which it can be separated. On this platform, there is a tiny metal setting where the incense cone can be put. Once the cone is lit, the smoke gently rises through the figure and leaves through the open mouth creating the perfect illusion of a smoking fisherman. This charming figure can be either purchased as a single or collectible item as part of a group of smokers and truly puts a smile on the viewer’s face.