Round smoking figure
»Grandma with teapot«

Product.Nr.: 01/054

Manufacturer: Seiffener Volkskunst e.G.

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product description

This adorable grandmother from the round smoking figure series of the Seiffen e.G. company is just 11cm tall, but impresses with her truly pleasant and cosy appearance. She shows a blessed and happy face with a brought smile underlined by scrunched-up eyes and cute laughter lines. Rosy healthy looking cheeks and a little snub nose add another charming value and contrast with her rather plump figure. This grandmother wears her grey hair in a bun and has a white long-sleeved blouse with a lace collar plus an orange-coloured skirt with red and green dots on the front part. In her left hand, she holds a pretty blue-coloured teapot with a half-opened lid. All parts of the figure’s body are wooden-turned and made from natural material with grain. The grandmother’s head and body are made from two different-sized balls, whereas each arm is a quarter ball and each leg consists of a half ball. This lovely old lady rests on a small platform, from which she can be separated. On this platform, there is a tiny metal setting where the incense cone can be put. Once the cone is lit, the smoke gently rises through the figure and leaves through the open lid of the teapot creating the perfect illusion of grandma serving hot soothing tea. This charming figure can be either purchased as a single figure, as part of a couple together with the „Pensioner“ or as collectible item and part of a group of smokers. Whatever the choice is, this grandma will always put a smile on the viewer’s face.