Round smoking figure

Product.Nr.: 01/051

Manufacturer: Seiffener Volkskunst e.G.

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product description

This handsome postman from the round smoking figure-series of the Seiffener Volkskunst e.G. company is just 12cm tall, but offers a pleasant facial expression plus a great number of detail regarding his clothes with matching accessories .His broad smile with funny-looking narrow eyes is decorated with laughter-lines. A bushy and neatly combed white moustache covers his upper lip, and big white eyebrows add another value to his charm. The figure wears a well-known blue-yellow postman's outfit which consists of a pair of blue pants, a white shirt, a yellow waistcoat with silver buttons, a yellow-red hat with a black peak and a black post horn emblem. In his right hand, this postman holds a bunch of letters including a loveletter with a little red heart. A big black bag with a blue shoulder strap, a golden post horn and more letters that need to be delivered is resting on his left shoulder. This figure has a laid-back appearance holding a small cigarette in his mouth. All parts of the postman are wooden-turned and show clearly visible wood-grain. Two balls of different size shape his head and body, two quarter balls make his arms and two half balls his legs.This adorable postman rests on a small platform from which the figure can be separated.Inside of this platform, there is a tiny metal frame where the incense cone is placed. Once the cone is lit, the smoke gently rises through the figure and leaves through the open mouth creating the perfect illusion of a smoking postman. This droll smoking figure of a postman can be either a single or collectible item as part of a  round smoker's group, and certainly puts a smile on every viewers face.